We offer a full range of environment and road maintenance machines and equipment.

We supply the following Posch equipment:

Please note that Rabaud products are coming soon. Please contact us for more information.

We supply the following Rabaud equipment:

  • Loader Leaf Vacuums
  • Thermal Weeders
  • Timber Shear Grabs
  • Grader Blades
  • Salt Spreading Machines
  • Sweepers
  • Hole Diggers
  • Weeding Brushes
  • Netting/Barbed Wire Unwinding Machines
  • Wood Grips
  • Road Sign Washers
  • Motorway Hedge Cutters
  • Wood Chippers/Shredders
  • Post Drivers
  • Snow Ploughs
  • Stump Grinders